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Glass Blowing Factory. Sustainable products designed and handcrafted in Mallorca, Spain.

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Design, creation and Mallorca as a lifestyle

Lafiore is quality handicraft items and present design made in Mallorca, such as hand blown glass items, fabrics, ceramics, ecological wooden utensils, products designed for gourmets, furniture, lamps and all you could imagine that an island surrounded by the Mediterranean generates.

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Visit our Creative & Select Store on the road to Valldemosa in Mallorca, Spain. There you can visit the traditional blown glass factory where our reknown Majorcan oil bottles and many other glass and artistic glass items are still made by hand with traditional and modern designs, such as bottles, glasses, wine decanters, under-plates, jugs, plates, dishes and trays, vases, candlesticks, lamps and many other decorative pieces of glass and crystal art made using the traditional way. Contact us for more details.

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