A Winter in Mallorca

Every year we start with energy because we generate new ideas and projects. In Mallorca the traditions are maintained and in winter fire is the king of popular festivals and gastronomic realities that have existed on the island for centuries. As we say every year, we like to call it Gourmet Winter for the simplicity of the proposals. This year, although the delicacy in the gastronomic part will continue to be essential, we have opted for A Winter in Mallorca during this first month to make reforms and changes in our center of creation and Store in the road to Valldemosa.

For Lafiore, the versatility of the objects we create is one of the characteristics that we most appreciate to innovate the tradition and, at the same time, integrate them into everyday life. In addition, as a goal for these twenties that have just begun our journey will lead us to integrate design and art with glass to offer objects and experiences to our visitors.

Soon we will be able to present new blown glass products for your daily use, unique designs applied to fusing glass and collections that will surprise you with their design and innovative use.

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