Blown glass Majorca

Do you know why in Lafiore we are the biggest specialists in blown glass in Mallorca? Mainly because we try to keep the tradition in this field in all our articles. We are dedicated to the design and creation of tableware and kitchen, decorative items and the best lamps and wall lamps for the home. What do you need?

If you want glassblowing glass and artistic glass, we are in a position to help you. If what you want is to add a touch of color to your kitchen with oil or original sources, you will find what you are looking for. Do you want your home to reflect your own personality? Do not worry because I’m sure you have what you need.

Can you imagine a table with unique candlesticks and candle holders? Do you want to surprise your guests with a unique and different menu? At Lafiore we want you to stop imagining and let your dreams come true. Come to our boutique or visit our online store as soon as possible.