At Lafiore you will find the finest examples of locally produced, handmade glass art. Our funky, colourful pieces of handmade glass lighting are the perfect option to give your home an authentic Mediterranean look. In our store in Majorca you will find candle holders, candle sticks, wall lamps and hanging lights. All of them of course hand blown in Mallorca.

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Handmade glass lighting:

Why not come to take a look at our wide range of handmade glass decoration items? We offer you the finest handmade glass accessories for your household: colourful handmade glass lamps made with Mediterranean glass, decorative vases, and many more.

Come now to Lafiore and check out our outstanding pieces of handmade glass art! Our vibrant, vivid designs evocate the Mediterranean lifestyle that you can enjoy in this part of Spain. Take a look at our online shop for the best lighting options to create a magical, cosy atmosphere!