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This is a miscellaneous section where you will find all sorts of bits and bobs. All these unique pieces of handmade glass art have been designed and crafted by local artists in Mallorca, Spain. We offer you a selection of assorted items such as handmade glass cups, glasses, flower pots, jugs, trays, oil bottles, bowls, decorative pieces and many more! All of them crafted locally following the traditional mallorcan techniques.

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Handmade glass art items:

Brighten up your home with our range of handmade glass art inspired by the Mediterranean joyful lifestyle!

Some of our pieces are evocative of the Majorcan landscape: the Glass Deià Yellow is reminiscent of the rugged mountains located between Soller and Deià. Other pieces such as the Glass Cup Vent Blue are inspired by the winds that blow from the Tramuntana mountain range. Others, like the Glass Art Blue, remind us of the Mediterranean Sea.

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