All our items of tableware have been designed with one thing in mind: to enhance the taste, the look and your whole gastronomic experience. We offer you a wide selection of colourful items that have been designed with one goal: to enjoy gastronomy at its best.

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Handmade Spanish Tableware

Only in Lafiore you will find the finest glass plates, handmade glass bowls, artistic glass bottles, and many more! A world of possibilities just for you! Experience has taught us that it’s the little details what makes a difference.

That’s why our tableware takes it to the next level: they’re not just pieces of tableware, but small pieces of art made with Mallorca glass: glasses, trays, jugs, bottles, oil bottles, table mats, bowls or even wine decanters. All of them carefully designed to give your home a unique look. Come to LaFiore for the finest handmade glass dinnerware and see it for yourself.