Did you know that at Lafiore you will find the best handmade artistic glass? From glasses to jars, glass bottles and artistic glass. A wide selection of top quality alternatives that will turn your home into a special place with a unique personality. Do you want to take a look at what we have for you in stock? Do not forget to visit us!

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Handmade artistic glass bottles:

As one of the leading companies in the handmade glass items industry, we do not limit ourselves to providing the best solutions for table and kitchen. Instead, we have also managed to craft beautiful and decorative items of all kinds, such as vases, candelabra, decorative figurines or all sorts of ceiling lamps and wall lamps. Check out our boutique and our online shop for the full catalogue!

We are willing to help you and assist you in everything you need. At Lafiore we have brought together the greatest specialists in the Mallorca glass industry: creators and designers who are passionate about the local tradition, which has inspired them to handcraft the finest selection of glass items.

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