Glasses with colours made with the art of glassblowing.

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Handmade glass vases:

Are you looking for the best glasses made for specially for you? In Lafiore you will find a wide selection at your fingertips. We offer you the best handmade alternatives and always betting on the technique of blown glass. Do you want to discover everything we have for you? Enter as soon as possible in our online store!

We are a professional team made up of creators, designers and lovers of everything that is handmade. From Majorca, we try to take our passion to all corners of the world, preserving the tradition in the work of glass, but also renewing it in order to create the best glasses and  glass cups.

We create all kinds of shapes and colours, adapting the glass to the tastes of all the people who believe in us. Do you want to discover everything we have in Lafiore for you? We are sure that we will surprise you and leave you amazed with all our creations.

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