Do you want to bring life to your home and your dining room? At Lafiore we put at your disposal the best glasses, glass jugs and artistic glass. Do you want to discover our entire range of products? Then why not visit our boutique and enter our online store where you will find a wide stock of possibilities that you will love for sure!

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Handmade glass pitchers:

Have you ever stopped to think about how monotonous our jars or bottles usually are? We have. That is why we have decided to create all kinds of custom glass kitchenware inspired in the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture: the sea, the breeze and the sun and all the little pleasures that make up our joyful lifestyle.

Let us help you transform your home! Create the perfect setting for your dinner. We are sure that you will love it! Check out our selection of Spanish glassware: oil decanters, pitchers, lamps, glasses, artistic glass bottles and more!

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