When it comes to giving the finishing touches to your home, Our tablemats will bring a special touch to your table. They will create a unique atmosphere based on the Mediterranean tradition. Embrace the relaxed, joyful Spanish lifestyle and enjoy our range of elegant, stylish tablemats. The perfect accessory for your table!

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Handmade glass tablemats:

Each design can be adapted or customised according to your favourite preferences, so do not hesitate to tell us how you want them. And of course we can also make them the colour you want!

We’re one of the leading companies in the handmade glassware industry in Mallorca. All our tablemats, as well as all our other pieces of handmade glass art, are 100% hand made locally. We’ve joined forces with the best designers, artists and craftsmen to offer you a selection of personal, unique designs. Check out our online catalogue or visit our boutique and find out more!

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