Wine Decanters

Would you like to find the most elegant and stylish glass wine decanter? At Lafiore you will find the widest range of products to take your enjoyment to the next level. All our wine decanters are made with high quality glass in our glass factory in Mallorca, and have been designed to enhance all the aspects involved in the whole wine tasting experience, from the bouquet to the actual taste of your favourite Spanish red wine.

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Handmade glass wine decanters:

Why not pair one of our handmade glass wine decanters with a set of wine glasses designed and hand made by the leading company in the Mallorca glass industry? Check out our selection of glasses! We work with the best local designers and craftsmen, and all our products are inspired in the Mediterranean tradition: they evoke the light, the sea and the breeze that define our lifestyle in the Balearic Islands. Bring a piece of the Mediterranean tradition to your home!

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