December is Christmas

navidades en lafiore

Feeling Christmas and continuing the illusion of offering vital and positive experiences is an essential pillar for creativity and teamwork to strengthen life projects.

It is necessary to have a great recipient of ideas, solidarity and good wishes for the present and the future. Lafiore creates the containers with the colors that brighten the sight of each of the people who visit us and that satisfaction is priceless.

Lafiore is about to finish his second new year, as always with many things to improve, although little by little the projects are taking shape thanks to the luxury collaborations with great designers, creators, craftsmen, producers, communicators, ... in short : lovers of life and Mallorca.

In December we make a reduced schedule because it is the time in which we dedicate ourselves to redecorate our project to start the year 2020 with new energy. Respect the tradition of Mallorca´s blown glass and the Craft made with heart is the future.

Plates and Trays

Garlic Graters


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