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Lafiore is a team of creators, designers and lovers of the products hand made in Mallorca for the world. It continues to renew the tradition of artistic glass and crafts with an infinite range of colours and shapes…  100% recycled material transformed into objects with their own life.

New Concept: Lafiore³

Lafiore ³ is a new space that combines 3 lines of evolution of a brand based on the island with the greatest creative potential in the Mediterranean …

In different Cubes of ideas will develop a combination of projects that intend to exchange impressions and collaborations to grow towards a new way of integrating life.

The Mallorca Glass Studio is a reinterpretation of the tradition of blown glass and other handmade products on the largest island of the Balearic Islands.

The Creative & Select Store of S’Esgleieta on the Carretera de Valldemosa is one of the spaces that contain a symbiosis of experiences that can be sensed and, at the same time, its growth is reflected in day to day thanks to the illusion of the creators.

Lafiore opens its doors again with a new team of people who love the Mediterranean from Mallorca to create a wide range of products made with recycled glass and brimming with magical colours, ceramics and wood…