Enjoy and Share at the Table

When December begins we start to think about everything we have enjoyed throughout the year and with whom we are going to share our most exquisite moments. We will remember all our satisfactions because they help us to forget or turn into eternal memories the situations that have touched our hearts.

In this new Lafiore we always look forward and try to create new life experiences. When Christmas is approaching, without melancholy, we try to enjoy the colours of life and we try to keep improving.

We are proud to create new collaborative spaces in which the vitality and creativity together with Mallorca Glass Studio, Teixits Vicens, Blaumenta and Annie Sloan, Katinaria, Ecològic by Linda Nicolau, Chefsin … are generating illusions in Mallorca, the Balearic Islands and, why not, in the Mediterranean. Their contribution is as important as our energy and that is why we want to create a great table with which to share with loved ones.

Of course we will keep designing and creating new productos for you.

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