Winter Gourmet in Majorca

Gourmet Mallorca Glass Plates

When the first month of the year arrives, we all begin with strength because we expect more happiness and good news. In Majorca traditions are maintained and in winter, fire is the king of popular festivals and gastronomic projects that have existed on the island for centuries. We like to call it: Winter Gourmet.

With time we are forgetting some of the exuberances that we have allowed ourselves in the Christmas holidays and we return to the primitive desires that unite us to the earth and to our roots.  The versatility of the objects that Lafiore creates is one of the characteristics we most appreciate in order to innovate the tradition and, at the same time, integrate them into everyday life.

We always believe that it´s your imagination that is capable of turning a table-mat into a tray, a glass into a bowl or a bowl into a pot for spices... For this reason, we are planning to present possible uses to the special pieces that we make. We will do it throughout this year.

We will also be adding information about the collaborators and projects that you´ll be able to experience if you visiti us at the Road to Valldemosa S´Esgleieta Creative & Select Store, coming soon...

Table Mat and Tray

Oil Decanter

Bowls & Imagination

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