Glassblowing in Majorca: an innovative soul

Vidrio Soplado Mallorca Mario es vidriers  - Glassblowing in Majorca: an innovative soul

From fire to glass: Our elaboration process

Origins of glass Fourth Century B.C

Technique of blown glass First century B.C.

The origins of glass are in the Fourth century B.C in Asia, although the technique of blowing glass was invented in First century B.C. Lafiore follows faithfully the work techniques used for more than two thousand years

Two thousand years of “hot” tradition

The furnaces used in antiquity burned with organic materials and the walls were covered with heat-resistant bricks.

The melting furnaces work at a temperature close to 1,200 ºC. The craftsmen take from them an incandescent, beautifully red mass, that is blown and molded before it gets too cold.

Lafiore means innovation, quality and commitment

Lafiore was the first Majorcan company that used new and enviromental furnaces, which allowed  to produce original pieces respecting the tradition.

Thanks to innovation, we have created a particular range of artistic glass that adds a characteristic color to the beauty of the design. This color is made of mineral pigments and makes our glassware very worthy.

Lafiore is environment-friendly

In Lafiore we have changed our manufacturing system to adapt and suit the European Community laws of recycling of raw materials.

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