How to Clean the Oil Bottle

Clean Oil Bottle

Basic Instructions to Clean Oil Bottles and Decanters:

In the first use is enougth to Pour some water and stir.

Here are some basic instructions to clean the oil bottles:

1. Pour some degreaser or dishwasher soap into the oil bottle.

2. Pour hot water (not too hot) and stir

Important notes:

2.a When the water is hot, the glass should not touch any cold surface as the temperature difference could cause glass breakage. Similarly you should not introduce cold water to rinse or make it outsite if temperatures are low.

2.b If it´s very greese you can leave the hot (warm) water in the bottle for a period of time to let the product work

3. Pour a little vinegar and stir, that will return the shine to glass.

4. Pass hot or warm water to rinse. Important: See note 2.a

5. Before introducing new oil wait until it is completely dry.

There´s another option. Introduce the oil bottle in a dishwasher upside down, and if there´s still a bit of greese follow instructions above. We cannot recommend this procedure because depending on the machine, the quality of water or the cleaning products used might cause breakage or lost of quality and brightness of the glass.

Remember that blown glass cannot support big changes of temperature.

Lafiore´s glass is made of 100% recycled glass.

Take a look at the process, it´s very simple:

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