Sunset in the Tramuntana

A la Mesa para la Fiesta Lafiore Chefs In Vicens - Sunset in the Tramuntana

We love the sunset walks through the mountainous area of ​​Mallorca. When the fresh air begins to appear between the trees  and after having been able to enjoy a bath in a rocky area and collected on the coast, it is time to prepare the table. It is at that moment  when imagination and subtlety allow us to enjoy doing simple things. Choose a color every day so that our dishes provide joy or sobriety, it is also possible to mix a bit of everything with different colors glasses that harmoniously blend with elegant glass cups. Place a tablecloth that contrasts with nature so that it can be seen differently and that invites the people you expect to be part of a unique space.

In Lafiore we also love to propose creative ideas of spaces, pieces and products designed to turn the evenings into something special. Objects are only complements that foster the perfect excuse to share with people moments and enjoy life. We love the Serra de Tramuntana and towns such as Esporles, Valldemosa, Deià, Soller and many others where you to find a corner to enjoy nature with the colors of your particular taste.

Tableware for you

Come and visit our store on the Carretera de Valldemosa, after S'Esgleieta. Discover all the products to give color to your spring. From quality wooden tables, iron chairs, colored candles, paintings, fabrics and ceramics. Of course, there is also the entire gourmet selection of glass and glass pieces created for you.

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