A Spring in the Table

Mesa de Primavera en Mallorca Lafiore - A Spring in the Table

With the the clocks change, spring really arrives to our island. The joy of the sun spreads beyond the early afternoon. Our spring attracts the sun and this makes the fields flourish. While the almond trees have already changed their wonderful white flowers for green and luminous leaves, the earth begins to color.

Colors are always a source of creativity for our designers and artists. From the Blue of the Sea to the infinite tonalities that can caress a piece of flat glass decorated with our fusion. Most Lafiore decorative pieces have the particularity that they can be used for what your imagination dictates. Dishes to decorate your table. Trays to serve a dish of exquisite cuisine. A bowl to create your own ephemeral still life of beauty. Glass, crystal and ceramic pieces for you ...

For Lafiore, the versatility of objects is one of the characteristics that we most appreciate to innovate the tradition and, at the same time, integrate them into everyday life.


Find your secret spot...

Come and visit our store on the Carretera de Valldemosa, after S'Esgleieta. Discover all the products to give color to your spring. From quality wooden tables, iron chairs, colored candles, paintings, fabrics and ceramics. Of course, there is also the entire gourmet selection of glass and glass pieces created for you.

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