ChefsIn, more than Gastronomy

chefsin jaiak lafiore llogaret biniagual limonero - ChefsIn, more than Gastronomy

Chefs (In) is much more than setting the table. Gastronomy will never cease to be an excuse to explore the flavors of traveling through life and unexpectedly surprise the most exquisite palates.

The island of Mallorca, in addition to its dreamlike landscapes, is a group of people who love good work and who, at the same time, want to transmit a sensibility that goes beyond the taste buds because the integral pleasure of enjoying a place, a company, good drinking, the joy of eating and smiling is a maxim that surpasses any description.

ChefsIn is more than gastronomy and from Lafiore we only intend to incorporate a touch of distinction from the simple expression that implies a collaboration: Enjoy life …

lafiore jaiak chefsin mallorca table set - ChefsIn, more than Gastronomy

In each Hidden Kitchen the ideas of the Chefs and the surprise of a place create an indescribable aura for people open to experiment. The next one will be in a clandestine place and we can only confess that …

The photographs that accompany this space were taken by Nando Esteve for number 2 of the magazine Chesf (In) that is launched this week and in whose session Jaiak and Teixits Vicens collaborated

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