Glass with Colours

Plato de Vidrio Glass Plate fusing Lafiore - Glass with Colours

Think about your favourite color and you will have it. Think about your favourite shape and size and we create it for you. The versatility of glass made with the fusion technique has an infinite spectrum of possibilities. For this reason, Lafiore´s team produces dishes, trays, table-mats or decorative objects to obtain the crystalline and colourful beauty of the pieces.

Every day a fusing furnace is prepared with pieces that after dressing them with colours and organic attires become a unique and irreplaceable collection. In addition, there is the possibility of customising your piece. You choose your piece and you ask us to change the colors and customize a design for you. Sounds good, right?

Every time spring approaches the colors bloom on our pieces of glass. This year the spring seems to be ahead in Mallorca.

The Pink Plate

The Banana

Green Fusion

¿Which is your favourite colour? Maybe...

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